Since 1991, Avelli Corp. has been producing premium-quality cast and reinforced concrete products for commercial, industrial, highway, community, and municipal use.

Our 30,000-square-foot facility houses a complete molding and finishing operation, where casting specialists produce made-to-order custom designs as well as a wide range of industry-standard items.


Using advanced latex molding techniques, we can turn out prototypes and small production runs of specialty shapes. We also can replicate or replace original architectural features and decorative elements such as sculptures, columns, capitals, benches, bollards, and lamp posts. Our duplication expertise is unmatched in southwestern Pennsylvania.


We carefully monitor and document each product's mix design for high performance and long service life. While architects typically specify a compressive strength of 3,200 psi, we go the extra mile and formulate for 5,000 psi. And, in our region, only Avelli Corp. follows through with onsite testing, even when regulations or customer requirements call for testing by a third-party lab. We pour test cylinders twice monthly, and our technicians document the test date, cylinder diameter and mass, maximum load, and fracture type for future reference.

When your specifications call for reinforcement, our fail-safe production process dictates installation, inspection, and pouring by a minimum of two qualified casting technicians. As a result, Avelli Corp. concrete products perform better and last longer, even under the harsh demands of a Pennsylvania winter.

  • Balusters, rails, and newel posts
  • Columns, beams, and capitals
  • Keystones
  • Planters
  • Stepping stones
  • Tables and benches
* Ask about our delivery and installation services.
  • Bin and retaining wall blocks
  • Catch basins
  • Parking curbs
  • Splash blocks
  • Steps
  • Transformer pads
* Ask about our delivery and installation services.
  • Architectural replicas and replacements
  • Counter tops, table tops, and bar tops
  • Water and sewage treatment products
* Ask about our delivery and installation services.

Work was explained and went well. Workers showed up at scheduled time and date. Work was hard, but they kept going. I was amazed at the amount of work they did each day and how quickly the project was done.

Project: Remove concrete side porch, 5 steps and portion of walk. Replace with new concrete, gravel, reinforce with wire mesh. Add plastic channel drain to down spout. Seal Concrete. more testimonials...