The trust of our customers:

Like the concrete we work with, it gains strength with time. That's why homeowners have been inviting us back for new projects-and telling their friends about us-since 1981.


In more than three decades, we've grown to become a stable, respected member of the western Pennsylvania business community. But we've never lost sight of Domenic Crivelli's original vision: quality, workmanship, and service that you can rely on, at a fair price. The Avelli Corp. name on a vehicle or a pavement tells you that we stand by everything we do, and that we'll be there for you today, tomorrow, and any time you call.


We can help make your home become all that it can be. Take a look at our core residential capabilities:

  • Manufacturing of ornamental, architectural, and functional concrete products that go beyond the highest industry standards
  • Construction of enduring, well-planned features for home and garden
  • Builder supplies that you and your contractor, architect, or landscaper can depend on to bring your ideas to life.

It looks great. They worked really hard and it came out perfect. I really appreciate what they were able to do. They did exactly what they said they would do. I appreciated that they asked me before they did anything design-wise to get my input. I look forward to contacting them again on some other projects.

Project: Avelli came in to repair my old ugly patio. They poured new concrete over the existing. more testimonials...