Since 1991, Avelli Corp. has been crafting the region's highest-quality functional, architectural, and decorative cast and reinforced concrete products for residential use.

Our 30,000-square-foot production facility houses a complete molding and finishing operation, where casting specialists produce made-to-order, custom designs as well as a wide range of popular standard items.


Using advanced latex molding techniques, our skilled artisans can replicate original architectural features and decorative elements such as sculptures, columns, and capitals. Our replication and replacement expertise is unmatched in our region. And we devote the same level of craftsmanship to every standard item in our catalog, from a simple stepping stone to an elaborate baluster rail system.


For long-term durability and superior surface finish, we carefully monitor the precise mixture of sand, stone, cement, and water that goes into every item we cast. Avelli Corp. conducts twice-monthly in-house testing, to ensure structural integrity. Before the Avelli name goes on a product, it must be able to withstand loads of up to 5,000 pounds per square inch. That's more than double the strength of a typical home-improvement-store concrete paver or block.

When specifications call for reinforcement, our fail-safe production process dictates oversight by a minimum of two qualified technicians. We expertly detail each completed casting for uniform appearance, fit, and finish. As a result, you can rely on Avelli Corp. residential concrete products for safety and for long, trouble-free service.

  • Balusters, rails and newel posts
  • Bin and retaining wall blocks
  • Bird baths
  • Catch basins
  • Columns, beams, and capitals
  • Fountains
  • Planters
  • Statuary and urns
  • Stepping stones
  • Steps
  • Tables and benches
* Ask about our delivery and installation services.
  • Architectural replicas and replacements
  • Benches with inlays and custom aggregate
  • Column and pier caps
  • Counter tops, table tops, and bar tops
  • Parking curbs
  • Step treads
  • Wall caps
* Ask about our delivery and installation services.

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